Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunshine and Shadows

We had quite a snowfall last night, and today, with temps around -15, it was pretty frosty out there. But a great day for some photos, since the sun was shining brightly.

I got kind of hung up on shadows today..... can tell we are surrounded by trees!

It was almost HOT in the office, with the sun streaming in...

with shadows everywhere

...spooky kind of shadows...

...this is kind of spooky, too. Can you see the c-o-old lovers among the trees?
They're not really there, it's all an illusion.
Let me know what YOU see!


  1. I see two figures like Casper the Ghost snuggling. Nice photos. Our summer in winter is now over. We've had sunshine and 70 degree temps since January began except about 3 days of light showers.

  2. Nice shadows and light pictures. It does look cold. In the last picture I see two little ghost shapes cuddling up together but they do not look like happy lovers. In fact they look very unhappy, perhaps they are just trying to keep warm.

  3. I see them. They look as though they need warming up. x