Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, my whole host of visitors and lurkers were unable to guess this...I'm surprised.

It is one of my most favourite garage sale (car boot sale, for Snafu) acquisitions.

I bought it last month, brand new still in its wrapping, for one dollar.

It hails from the 1970s, although there are updated versions around.

It has been a tremendous aide to my morning routine

It is......

Hot Rollers!  Only, the travelling kind....

Comes in a nice travelling case

The rollers are placed on the metal posts (it's electric) and they take two minutes to heat up.
Then you roll them in your hair, using special clips (forgot to take a photo of them, but you get the picture!)
 -- for someone like me with frizzy hair, it's a boon, because they take all the frizzes out.
 (I know Snafu doesn't have that problem, but he might be impressed with the invention!)

I guess I will need to make my "what is it"  a little easier next time - but thanks for trying!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hoping some of my 'lurkers' will actually come out of hiding and join the fun, by commenting their answer to this.

I will try to post a new picture every week.

There are no prizes for the correct guess -- except perhaps a boost to your ego!

This week's picture and clues:

Makes travelling easier

...just in case!

**adding another clue**

It's a hot topic

I'll post the answer in a few days.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meandering Trails

Autumn seemed to come suddenly this year.

Daytime temps haven't been too bad, but it gets quite cold at night, and our 50 year-old house is not very well insulated. It seems craziness to turn on the furnace in the middle of September, but the portable electric heater has been out for at least a week, and has seen good use.

So when the temps went up today, we had to take advantage of the sunshine.
After church and lunch we headed to a nature trail recommended to us.
We are blessed that even though we live in the city,
we don't have to go too far to find some country.

This trail is just 10 minutes away by car and has convenient parking.

Called Colonel Danforth Trail, named after a road builder from the 1700s, it is -- well I can't say it's untouched by civilisation as there are plenty of marks left by civilisation -- and it is certainly not particularly well maintained. But it is a pleasant change from manicured gardens.

It was a little adventure for DOTH and I to explore the meandering pathways which run alongside Highland Creek.

But first....I always manage to find at least one unusual tree.

The park was quite deserted, but we did see a young man fishing round about here, who looked up at us and said, "You just missed it!" 
I asked him what we missed and he said, "I just landed a 10-12 lb salmon, but I threw him back in. I don't eat any fish from Lake Ontario -- I go up north to get the ones for eating." 

We looked for salmon as we walked along the creek - the water was quite clear in most places - and we sure didn't see any salmon. I think he was pulling our legs.

Lots of trees down everywhere

Junk in the water

But pretty little spots, too

We made a new little friend along the way...

So cute!! and her mistress was quite chatty...

she told us (we think - because she had a strong German accent) that she (the dog) is a  is 16 year old
part Bichon, part poodle - does that make sense?
So, in human years, the dog is 112, and her mistress looked to be at least in her 70s, and when they set off again, we couldn't keep up with them -- pretty sprightly!

This is an interesting photo -- hard to tell where land meets water.

A few more photos...

We had a lovely walk and then decided, because we hadn't seen any birds, that on our way home we should stop off at a little conservation area down by the lake...

Not many birds there, either -- swan, heron and seagull was the best we could do.
But the heron was interesting to watch..

Looks like he's on a conveyer belt on top of the water!

And then it was time to go home -- a lovely, refreshing  afternoon.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow -- six weeks left till the first deadline!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mary Margaret, and Jonah

You gotta love this little story-teller!

(she's worth listening to, right to the end!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miau, Miau

This is for my sister, and cat lovers everywhere...