Monday, January 14, 2013


Phew...made it just in time!

This Monday's inchie theme is:


I loved puppets when I was little, and I do remember getting one for Christmas. But I also remember that it was really difficult for me to manipulate...and everyone else had fun playing with it except me!

This year we have lots of  new, very talented Inchie-ers, as my sister ChrisJ has named us. You can find links to all of them here, and you can also find us side by side, here.

And it's not too late for YOU to join us, too!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's a good job I didn't a make a new years' resolution about posting my inchies on time every week!

Still, only a day late.

I looked over the 2013 theme list and some of them look really tough, but I remember thinking that at the beginning of last year, too -- but managed to complete them all!

So here is the first of the year:


It's exciting to have some new contributors with us... you can find all the great star inchies  here and here

And it's never too late to join us!  Let me tell you it is quite exciting to look back over the last 52 inchies -- gives a great feeling of accomplishment!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year, Inchie Friends and Fellow Bloggers!

This is the end of Every Inchie Monday for another year:

I'm not too proud of these two, but Every Inchie Monday 2013 now beckons, so I needed to get caught up quickly. 


She is on our Christmas tree this year; a gift from a friend. She is quite beautiful - pewter with lovely scroll work in her 'dress.'  I really haven't done her justice. The banner around her middle says, "Friendship is a gift" -- I agree!


I wanted to draw in a wolf/hyena baying at the moon, but just couldn't get it right.

Ah, well, it's been a fun year -- looking forward to 2013's inchie challenges.

My challenge to YOU is....why not join us?  It's so much fun and not too time-consuming...and by the end of the year you will have a beautiful collection of inchies to be proud of!

You can go here, to see lots of night and angel inchies - much better than mine!