Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where She Went....

Thought you might like to see what DOTH (Daughter Of The House) was up to while I was slaving away - nine hours a day -- on the book:

Just 3 hours away, by plane...
but oh, so different

cruisin' the Florida Everglades
with her retired friends, Ann and Gord

Makin' friends -
don't want to make an enemy of this one

Watchin' birds


Catchin' some sun

Relaxin' by the pool

Searchin' for shells

And watchin' the sun go down...
and down....

Friday, March 19, 2010

While the Cat's Away...

...well, actually

While DOTH (Daughter Of The House) is away,
strange things happen:

WHAT is this?

Why is my desk so empty; my office so tidy??

Oh, because it's all HERE:

and HERE:


Well, I am working on a new book project - can't say a lot about it right now, but suffice to say that it covers 50 years of history.

And what you see in the photos covers only about 20 years -- so there's a long way to go.

And there is so much material, my office and desk just can't contain it all, so I moved it all to the living room.

DOTH returns on Sunday, so I am going to move it all back upstairs again before she arrives, or her vacation will end with, hmmm...let's just say she wouldn't be too happy with her living room turned upside down.

But what am I going to do?  I have at least another 30 years of historic material to work on. I guess that's why I took the photos...ready to show her, just at the right moment.

"So, DOTH...what do you think...could you live with the living room looking like this for the next eight months or so?"

All she can say is, "No!"

But I am hoping she'll say, "Yes!"

or I may have to move out!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chapel Street, Flamborough - 1900

Wish I could say that this is my rendition...

It's not!

This is mine. Unfortunately, it doesn't scan well, but in spite of the fact that I didn't have the courage to use colour (pencils or watercolours), I think it didn't turn out too badly.

You can see it better if you click to enlarge it

The biggest problem is that even in the original, the monument doesn't seem to be in the right place, if my memory serves me correctly. I think it should be more in the foreground, at the crossroads. Perhaps one of my many followers can confirm that for me?

Anyway, I do love the picture, and feel quite pleased with my final rendition!

If you were to keep on going ahead, on Chapel Street, off in the distance, you would eventually come to the house we lived in, in the 1950s -- 15 Woodcock Road.  It's still there, and looks virtually the same!