Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bird Bath Busyness

I love working on the computer in our office overlooking the back garden. It's usually bright and sunny in there and the view right now is very inspiring. Just look at this beautiful lilac tree.(The cardinals are on the INSIDE of the window -- a plaque made of stained glass by a friend)
It's not always the greatest place for productivity, though -- since there's a lot of action going on out there these days!
Today, I just happened to look up and this is what I saw...
...this little squirrel sitting on the table beside the bird bath. He stayed in that position for a good couple of minutes. What was he contemplating?
Suddenly he took a flying leap.... and landed right on the edge of the bird bath! Was he going to take a shower?
Nope! He was just thirsty!
So was this Brown-Headed Cow Bird...

...taking a drink, while an American Robin struts by...

...but he needed a shower, as well!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Splashes of Colour

Well, it's still cool weather here, but the spring flowers are surviving in spite of it. Look at this beautiful splash of colour. Just six weeks ago the lawn was still covered with snow to at least six inches ABOVE the rock!
They are called 'Majestic Tulips' -- and they certainly are!This is another kind of tulip, but I forget the name -- they are stunning!
I love the white tulip with the delicate, pink edging.
The female cardinal loves to take a nice cool bath, now and again. And the goldfinches are enjoying our 'virtually indestructible' are the purple finches.
Meanwhile the mourning dove stands guard in the mulberry tree.
Last evening, as I was working in the office overlooking the back garden, the outside safety light went on, and there were two smaller raccoons meandering across the patio. Too late to snap a photo -- they quickly hopped over the neighbour's fence and were gone.