Thursday, August 30, 2012

Learning from my sister

No, it's not an Inchie
It's a Doodle (about 3" x 3")
My sister does a great job of this sort of thing and I am trying to learn from her.
This is my first attempt. I'm not so pleased with it
(made a few blunders - but we learn by our mistakes, right?)
but I must say it is a very relaxing pastime.
Although she has only posted one of these doodles
(look for one called 'after the rain')
you can find my sister's artwork here:
I think you will be very impressed!
I think I will call mine "a muddled mess" !!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


This week's Inchie theme is:

My eyes testify today that the Inchie world is indeed a small, small world :}
This inchie is dedicated to my cousin, snafu - who absolutely LOVES the little Disney Jingle. You can rest assured that he will be singing it for at least the next week....round and round and round and round in his head.
Just in case he forgets the tune I have posted a link to a youtube video of a family taking the Small World ride at Walt Disney World. It's quite lovely, actually.  Watch for the geese singing along - so cute!
Snafu, you can even learn the words in different languages should you so desire :),  oh...and it's the longer version, too - just for you!
Now, how did that tune go again?
For those of you who would like to join us (not in the song, but in the Inchie challenge), you can find some inspiration here

Sunday, August 19, 2012


This week's Inchie theme is


I had lots of fun with this one, and chose
'the eye of the storm'
as my interpretation.

The one above is my official submission to the challenge, but here are some others I played with:

These look like chalk, but in actual fact I used a silver and gold marker, and then used coloured pencils over top. Made an unusual finish, I think.

There are some other really great interpretations of the theme here

Just lovin' this challenge!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


This week's Inchie challenge is:


This is the one I am submitting for the challenge

and this one...

...I just did for fun!

I can't express just how much I love drawing inchies!

Maybe you just like to look at them.
If so, you can find some great interpretations of each week's theme here

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hollywood - More of the Weird and Wonderful (Part Four)

(If you have just landed here, please be sure to see my two recently previous posts - this is a continuation)

Graffiti Like You've Never Seen Before!

Well, I am sure there is another name for it, because it is not written, drawn or sprayed on  --
but it definitely is 'wall-painting'!
(you will need to click on the photos for the best effect and view)

And no, they are not window-washing, either!

It seems to me that they are painting every detail, from buckets of paint

Putting on the final details?
What an amazing job! 
I would have loved to see this from start to finish - wonder how long it took in total?

I am sure one of my followers will recognize this as an ad for a movie?  But I have no idea which one! If we can know that, perhaps we can google the ad and see exactly how it was accomplished.

I bet some of my artistic followers would love to take up this painting challenge! Quite a switch from an Inchie!

Santa Monica Beach is coming up next...

Hollywood - More of the Weird and Wonderful (Part Three)

A little view of Los Angeles

On the double-decker Hoppa Bus

Where would you like to go next?  Sorry, the Hoppa Bus is not going THAT far!

A unique luggage store

Serenaded by a Mennonite Choir, at this bus stop!

That's us - a self-photo!

Stella McCartney's store (daughter of Sir Paul, for the uninitiated)
You can always shop on-line here, if you are not going to LA anytime soon :}

A unique sales pitch

More to come!

Hollywood - More of the Weird and Wonderful (Part Two)

So I am not sure how far I will get with posting more from our Hollywood/LA trip. I have divided my photos into three groups, so perhaps three postings.

This is the little hotel (about 20 rooms I believe) where we stayed, just around the corner from Hollywood Blvd., within walking distance, but far enough away from all the hullabaloo to be able to sleep. I would recommend it, but don't expect anything fancy. It is desperately in need of renovations and although breakfast is included in the price, you virtually have to beat the crowd to get anything - just some items (cereal and muffins, tea, coffee and juice) laid out on a small table in a dining room as small as a ship's galley. People were stacking their plates the minute the door opened, and taking it all back to their rooms. (As one reviewer said, "Who needs breakfast if there is a Starbucks nearby!") We didn't mind the conditions at all - all we did was sleep there! You can find more info here. If you  plan to visit anytime soon, read the reviews and you will get a good picture of how it was. If we were ever to go to Hollywood again (which I doubt), we would, for sure, use the same hotel.

On one of the days, we booked the small Hoppa bus and did the 'tour of the Hollywood stars' homes.'

Like most of Hollywood, it really wasn't what we expected - mostly speedy drive-bys of gates and roofs. It, and the narrative, was all too quick to even remember whose gate or roof was whose!

This is 7515 Mulholland Drive. Looks like it might be for sale. You can find some stats  and an aerial view here. Mulholland Drive runs for 55 miles through Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills and many stars make it their home - not sure who lives here, though.

Spaceship landing in Hollywood Hills

"...and there you see the roof of...."

The gate to Ringo Star's home - note the stars!

Silver fire hydrants - even the dogs live in style in Hollywood. Why should we be surprised?!

Click on this one to read the sign on the roof of the Hoppa bus. Our tour guide was Mick, from...ta da... England. He used to be a Beefeater at the Tower of London. He has a pretty cushy job, if you ask me - a $10 tip from each tourist; the bus holds approx 15 people, and he probably runs the tour at least 4 times a day. He works for Starline Tours, so probably gets a salary too. Plus the working environment is great! He's a great guy, though, and did a good job.

End of the tour. Note the stool for oldies like me! (Two young men from Germany, waiting to get a photo of themselves on it)

More in my next post!

Monday, August 6, 2012


This week's Inchie theme is


This was my first attempt...

...but I think I like this one better:

I absolutely LOVE the way each participant in this challenge comes up with a unique interpretation.

You can find them all here