Thursday, August 30, 2012

Learning from my sister

No, it's not an Inchie
It's a Doodle (about 3" x 3")
My sister does a great job of this sort of thing and I am trying to learn from her.
This is my first attempt. I'm not so pleased with it
(made a few blunders - but we learn by our mistakes, right?)
but I must say it is a very relaxing pastime.
Although she has only posted one of these doodles
(look for one called 'after the rain')
you can find my sister's artwork here:
I think you will be very impressed!
I think I will call mine "a muddled mess" !!


  1. That is beautiful, Kay. I certainly recognized it right away. I have a couple of others finished which I will post eventually. Got my new, new glasses today, so now I feel like I can see. How did your birthday bash go?

    1. Well, you can probably tell that I didn't copy yours - just incorporated some of your 'strokes.' Next time, I'm on my own!!

  2. It is certainly not a muddles mess, it looks good. I have not done anything like this since I was at school and bored, so some of my work books had smaller versions in the margins, which lost me marks.

  3. I like it. I've ben trying to do some of these and they aren't as easy as they look. I really like the snaily bit in the middle.