Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hollywood - More of the Weird and Wonderful (Part Four)

(If you have just landed here, please be sure to see my two recently previous posts - this is a continuation)

Graffiti Like You've Never Seen Before!

Well, I am sure there is another name for it, because it is not written, drawn or sprayed on  --
but it definitely is 'wall-painting'!
(you will need to click on the photos for the best effect and view)

And no, they are not window-washing, either!

It seems to me that they are painting every detail, from buckets of paint

Putting on the final details?
What an amazing job! 
I would have loved to see this from start to finish - wonder how long it took in total?

I am sure one of my followers will recognize this as an ad for a movie?  But I have no idea which one! If we can know that, perhaps we can google the ad and see exactly how it was accomplished.

I bet some of my artistic followers would love to take up this painting challenge! Quite a switch from an Inchie!

Santa Monica Beach is coming up next...


  1. Amazing and scary. It looks like an advert for a video game to me, but it could be for the car wash :)
    You had a great trip.

  2. Wow that's amazing! It looks a bit like Skyrim, and at the top of the one with the woman it says 'the elder scrolls' there's nothing wrong with my eyesight ;) but the far right looks a bit like assassins creed, if you want I can check with the boyfriend he's a games nerd!