Friday, November 20, 2009

Cats, cats, and more cats!

I really LOVED doing this drawing!  I find that if I like the picture it is so much easier to copy.  My sister, who is in Hawaii right now, will recognize this drawing, when she opens a Christmas gift I sent to her early, via MOTH (her Man of The House), when he came to visit a few weeks ago.

This is where they are staying in Hawaii

And we may end up with snow next week!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This and That

50 Years Later!

So, I wasn't too happy with my role as bridesmaid for my sister, back in 1959. But my experience as Maid of Honour last week was much more enjoyable;

Amazing, really, as we were on an Alpha retreat weekend, and we were REALLY roughing it!  The cabins left much to be desired -- bunk beds, and one shower and one washroom for nine people, in each cabin -- but we made it!! The wedding was the last event of the weekend, and it wrapped up a beautiful time, with over 20 of us in attendance. Although they didn't meet on Alpha, the happy couple did get to know each other throughout the course, and they are now in Alpha leadership -- so it was fitting that they decided to have it there, so that we could celebrate with them.

My Talented Sister...

has done it again! 

Her MOTH (Man Of The House) dropped in to visit us on his way back to California after a trip just across the Canadian border. He, bless his heart! had carried this with him on the journey -- a gift from my sister; another treasure to remind me of Flamborough Head, on the north east coast of Yorkshire, UK -- our home for a number of years when we were growing up. This is her copy of a painting that sold on e-bay for a good number of dollars, not so long ago. She did an awesome job, and it joins other paintings of Flamborough on my home office wall.

Winter's Coming?

Normally, by mid-November, we are shivering in our boots!  But this year, so far, we have had much warmer weather than usual, and we are grateful. Not always is it sunny, but the temps have been in the the double digits and we've not had to wear winter trappings yet.  But it is time to put away the fall decor and think about pulling out the Christmas tree and decorations.


I May Be Seriously Allergic to Them

But, for some reason, I love to draw them!

This is Bailey, my sister's cat. It was incredibly difficult to capture his unique expression - but I think overall I did a pretty good job!