Friday, November 20, 2009

Cats, cats, and more cats!

I really LOVED doing this drawing!  I find that if I like the picture it is so much easier to copy.  My sister, who is in Hawaii right now, will recognize this drawing, when she opens a Christmas gift I sent to her early, via MOTH (her Man of The House), when he came to visit a few weeks ago.

This is where they are staying in Hawaii

And we may end up with snow next week!


  1. Oh! Now it's not a secret any more! Did you draw these? They are excellent. And yes, that is where we are staying and it doesn't change. Just gets more beautiful each year.

  2. It's still a secret, as it's not the drawing that's a gift. Yes, I did do this one -- not sure what the fascination is with cats -- maybe they are just easy to draw!

  3. You really draw beautiful cats. I love your cat drawings. They are lovely.

  4. Thanks Anonymous! I love drawing them!