Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Every Monday Inchie - February 13th

I made it!  Just a day late, but here it is:

My Monday Inchie for the topic "Glow"

A pretty stick-on flower with a jewel for its centre and a background of crinkly tin-foil, using a gold ink pen to hopefully create a "glow"!  MorningAJ was my inspiration for this...check out her Glow Inchie.  It's fun to learn some alternative art techniques!

Check out my sister's Glow Twinchie here: it's very interesting!


  1. Nice and shiny, it gives a good effect using foil.

  2. All three inchies you've featured are lovely, Kathy,and I love the story behind Chris's.

    Love the effect of that tin foil; I don't know whether you get tomato puree in tubes, but the empty tubes split open and worked with spent biros can give some interesting effects, too. x

  3. Your flower has a wonderful glowing background. Nice to see the different materials.