Monday, February 6, 2012

Inchie Monday

Phew - just made it, with a few hours to spare!  Inchie Monday is challenging, but I opted for easy, this week. The topic is Flier (I think Flyer, in Canadian?)

This is a dove I cut out of a greeting card, glued to a piece of black origami paper.

Simple, I thought, but effective.

You can find many more entries here:

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  1. Regards your comment on AJ's Tea post, the question I was occasionally asked when visiting people’s homes as a TV man was, are you a MIF or a TIF? Tea in First or Milk in First. Tea in first scalds the milk as it joins the larger quantity of hot water. Milk in first does not, since the milk gets hot more slowly, so your mother was one of those people who could taste the difference and so was my mum. Obviously both were expert tea connoisseurs.

  2. That's really lovely, Kathy.

    I've just looked at the Flickr link and saw yours but couldn't see Chris's set. It is a lovely challenge though and there are some great ideas. I love AJ's feathers.

    (Word verification: "Dope data"; they are keeping tabs on me then!)

  3. PS; I've left a treat for you and Chris over on my blog. x

  4. Thanks ColorFly, and thanks for stopping by!

    Snafu, you would think your mom and my mom were cut from the same stock when it comes to tea!

    Hope you join us with your "inchie" Elizabeth!