Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More on Spain

Back in 2002, DOTH came to visit me in Romania. While she was there, we took a 10 day trip to Barcelona, in northern Spain (top right, on the above map). Our recent trip to Palma, Majorca reminded us very much of Barcelona. We were hoping for something different, but it was just as commercialized and touristy. It was a bit of a disappointment, but there was still plenty to see and enjoy.

We first stopped off in Malaga, in southern Spain (bottom middle of map) for 6 days, where I attended a conference and conducted a workshop. DOTH didn't partake in the conference, but managed to enjoy the facilities very much: an all-you-can-eat, all day long buffet and snack bar, 2 swimming pools, mini-put, a beautiful sandy beach across the road and some shopping in the vicinity. She mostly worked on her tan!

The middle balcony in the orange section was our room in Malaga

Mini-golf and the children's play area

The quieter of the two pools
Apart from our conference group of about 50 people, the hotel was not very busy, and the rest of the clientele was French. It was a bit funny being in Spain and listening to French conversations all around us!

When the conference was over, we flew from Malaga approx. 2.5 hours, via Madrid (in the middle of the map) and 2 small planes, to get to Palma, Majorca, where we spent another 6 days. Majorca is the unmarked island off the coast of Spain, on the right-middle of the map above. Spaniards say that Majorca is not the REAL Spain. One day we will have to go back and do the REAL Spain!

The hotel in Palma was very nice and you have already seen some of the view from our balcony in my previous post. Sorry the video didn't work. DOTH took 32 wonderful little videos of our trip and it's a shame I won't be able to post any of them here.
This was our walk every day, from the hotel to the centre of Palma. The cathedral is pretty much in the centre of town, so you can see it was quite a distance. I lost quite a bit of weight on those walks....put it back on since, of course!  But it was good exercise and a very pleasant walk.
I'm going to finish this post as I want to be sure I haven't overdone the photos. Next post - the Fish Market!
Sunset in Palma


  1. All day buffet? So, we should be seeing a slightly heavier DOTH. Looks like a nice place. You have taken some nice photos.

  2. Fortunately, DOTH does not put on weight easily...and she is one of those people who eats just a little bit, but often throughout the day. Plus, she is usually super-hyper, so whatever she might put on, comes off very easily.

    Me? All I have to do is look at a chocolate eclair and I can FEEL the weight go on!