Friday, November 25, 2016

A Great Vacation!

DOTH (Daughter of the House) and I had a lovely vacation in Spain, just a few weeks ago. I had to take in a week-long conference in Malaga, so DOTH went along for the ride, and we spent another week on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

To my UK friends and family it might seem to be no big deal, since you can get there in a matter of hours, but it was a much longer trip for us - still worthwhile, though! The weather was absolutely perfect; couldn't have asked for better. No rain in the two weeks, and temps just moderately warm.

To be honest, it didn't seem much like Spain; lots of tourists, with massive cruise ships coming in every day, so we were hard put to find anyone speaking Spanish.

Taken from a beach a little further along the coast...on its way to Palma Mallorca...ready to loose thousands of passengers into the city to go souvenir hunting!  We did plenty of that ourselves!  Why?  I guess 'cause it's the thing to do!

Restaurants catering to us tourists, so not many 'typically Spanish' meals, either. But we can't complain. We were right on the Mediterranean Sea, and the views from our hotel room were stupendous!
This is a partial view from our hotel room balcony
This is a 180 degree view from the balcony

Our hotel is right in the middle of this photo, which was taken while we were on a boat tour around the harbour.
We were on the eighth floor

We took some lovely side trips, that I hope to find time to blog about. I remember one of the reasons I stopped blogging two years ago was because of the hassle with posting photos - so I will stop here, hoping that these will work - and continue another day.


  1. Well, so much for that endeavour. Video doesn't work and I can't get back in to remove it!

  2. That looks fabulous, although it is only an hour or so away, I have never been there. There is a lot of choice in Europe for visits to interesting places and that one has never reached the top of the deck. The panorama thing kind of worked, but did not scroll, you could see the whole view in stages.

  3. Sounds and looks lovely. You have to really seek out non-touristy places these days.