Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Proud As A Peacock

Personally, I think peacocks have good reason to be proud - they are a gorgeous specimen of God's creation!

We recently visited the Leo Carrillo Ranch, here in Carlsbad, and we received a regal welcome:


There were peacocks everywhere:

...but especially when we  brought out our snacks.

Of course one is not to feed the peacocks, but, by the way they hung around us, it was very evident that people do.

ChrisJ:  "Oh, aren't you lovely!"

"Have you come for a visit? Come on closer, then, you pretty boy"

"Mmm...I think that's close enough!"

Pretty Peacock: "Yes, well, I know you would like a photo of me -- but which side do you think is my best?

This one?"

"This one?"

"Or, perhaps this one??"

Sadly, my days here in California are almost done. But I will post more about the Leo Carrillo Ranch very soon. It has an interesting history, and is such a picturesque place. Makes for some great photo shots!


  1. Nice pictures and very co-operative birds. Reminds me of the old children's riddle; If a peacock flies into your garden from the next house and lays an egg, can you keep it? Of course the answer is that it cannot happen since it has to be a peahen :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Kathy. They are lovely creatures. It reminds me of W. when he was two chasing a peacock on the Isle of White. We told him that he mustn't chase them. He had seen that one of the tail feathers was almost coming away and wanted to make sure he was there when it finally dropped. He cried when we pulled him away, but the owner of the park had a supply of feathers behind her desk and gave it to him. He was so thrilled and still has it on display in his bedroom fifteen years later. x

  3. Ha! Great joke and perfect for my post, Snafu!

    It would be lovely to have a peacock feather, Elizabeth. We did sort of look out for one along the way, but no luck!

  4. It was a lovely day, wasn't it, Kaybee? and it's been almost the same every day since.

  5. Just to let you know my new URL,Kathy.