Thursday, March 3, 2011

California Wildlife Snapshots

We' ve been staying pretty close to home since I arrived here.

But there is always something going on in the garden:

Especially when the weather is warm

"I  don't know what she's looking at - do you know what she's looking at?"
"No, but she's making me nervous"

"She's making me nervous, too. I need to get to that birdseed before the birds do."

My sister tells me this is a cicada...I am not so sure, but he was big -- probably five inches long!

One of my favourite trees down here

And a very pretty corner of the garden

Oops -- sorry!  She's not wildlife.

She's enjoying the wildlife!


  1. Darn squirrels! We have squirrel proof feeders but they still come and scare the birds away. That's a big bug.
    It has hovered around 36F here for the last two days. No frost at night, but not exactly sitting in the garden weather yet.

  2. I love those birds sitting on that fence! It certainly looks nice and sunny there and what interesting things Chris gets in her garden. I'm in agreement with Snafu about the squirrels 'though - they once got into the special school I used to work at in Leeds and made a terrible mess chewing through equipment, electricity wires, feeding tubes, hearing aids and books. We had some very sick children there who had to be re-located until we got it all sorted out and I'm afraid I've never looked upon squirrels as anything but vermin ever since. x

  3. Yes, we have had a time with squirrels, back home, also. Finally had to remove the bird feeder altogether, because of both squirrels and raccoons. Actually it came to a point where we were virtually feeding the whole wild life neighbourhood. That can become expensive,and VERY messy!