Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Oasis in the City

For many years I was a missionary in Bucharest, Romania. I loved everything about that country. Closest to my heart are her people. But coming a close second would be Romania's flowers. Even in the winter time flower-sellers could be found on every corner -- with prices so incredibly low that anyone could afford to buy some.

My dear Romanian friend, Gabi, recently sent me these photos she took in Cismigiu Park -- a beautiful oasis in the midst of the bustling, noisy, smog-filled city of Bucharest.

But when it comes to greenery, there are few countries that can compare to my home country of England. These photos were taken on a bus tour I took last year -- in the Cotswolds.

Whether in Romania or in the UK, it's all God's awesome handiwork --
and it's breathtaking!

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  1. Romania or England, they both have their own kind of beauty.