Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Here!

Finally, Spring has sprung!

No, it's not a 'lonely little petunia in an onion patch'

It's a lonely little crocus in our back garden!

And this is a lovely little crocus patch in the front garden

But -- what's this.....

A dirty bit of snow that just won't go away --

in spite of double-digit temperatures for the last few days!

But look what the warm weather DID bring out...

...isn't he beautiful?

A majestic raccoon in our neighbour's back garden is watching us very carefully.

He could be the one who's been destroying our bird-feeders,

but, too bad -- we have an indestructible one now!

Maybe that's why he's giving us such a dirty look!


  1. Beautiful photos Kaybee. How do you get the frames around them? I downloaded that weird picture of North Landing. I wonder who made it.
    Love your raccoon. Does he live in the trees or in someone's attic?

  2. Chrisj, actually I didn't intentionally put frames on the photos -- it just happened! They do look nice though, don't they?

    Our neighbour told us that last year they had a raccoon living in their shed, and they had a terrible time getting him out. Maybe he's back!