Saturday, December 28, 2013

Procrastination is a Pain!

I should be posting about many things.
But I am going to procrastinate.
I had an amazing trip to Tanzania. But it seems so long ago (the month of October) and it will be painful to revive all the memories (not that the memories themselves are painful, just the effort to revive them).
The experience of the Ice Storm, with all its woes and blessings, is so recent. I think we are all still experiencing a little PTD (post traumatic disorder), not that it was anywhere near as traumatic as it could have been. But the sensitivity to all that happened right at Christmastime is still a little painful.
So, instead, I will correct some procrastination by posting some tangle art that has been completed for a long time, but never been posted.
The first two templates I tangled are from the Facebook page: Ornation Creation,
courtesy of Ben Kwok. Anyone can join and then print off his templates. He posts a new one each week and I am enjoying tangling them. I think I have only posted one completed template on his page...I have procrastinated there, too. Must get to it!
The rest of the templates I found free, elsewhere on line.

Tangled Circle - colour
Loved using my Copic markers for this!
Not so thrilled with my colour choices for this one
Black and white tangled circle
That's it for now. Hoping to work on many more over the next month!


  1. I'm amazed you're up to posting after your Iced Christmas! The tangles are gorgeous. They deserve to be pored over and thoroughly analyzed. Incredible detail. The kids are leaving in a couple of hours and then we get your room ready!

  2. Nice, you must have thawed out to do all that detail, impossible with cold fingers.