Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pretty Pansies

I really do love pansies, and thankfully for me, they really don't seem to need a lot of care and attention.

Son and Grandson bought me this beautiful pot of pansies for Mothers' Day back in May, and they are just now beginning to fade away.

So I have had it in my head to try and draw some flowers. Tangles are one thing -- flowers are another!  But I found this flower design on line, with step by step drawing instructions, and decided to give it a go. These are the finished product.  I am still fooling around with colour...this was good practice!

I have been looking for some good coloured pencils. I have a set of Prismacolours but the colours don't seem brilliant enough for me. I had heard that Laurentian coloured pencils are the best, but of course they don't make them anymore. Oh how great are Thrift Shops!  I have been scouring a number of them for Laurentian pencils and now have a box full of beautiful bright colours! The colours (on my computer anyway) are very accurate.


  1. Oh good for you, Kay! I was thinking of going back to birds and flowers. We are going to have a great time. I'm not familiar with the Laurentien pencils. They must be expressly Canadian or possibly French. I love pansies too. That is a very pretty display of them.

  2. Practice makes perfect, so they say (whoever they are) but these are perfect already. Brilliant.