Friday, December 14, 2012

So Much Fun!

It took a few weeks to complete this one, but I must say it was so easy, and so relaxing....especially after a long day of Christmas shopping, for example.

One of the greatest assets to this form of art is that it is SO forgiving. I made a major mistake with this one, but unless you look really carefully you probably won't discover it. 

You'll see plenty of minor mistakes, though....
but it doesn't matter, because the overall effect of the end result is so pleasing -- to me, anyway!

I'm ready to start another one. It's great just to be able to pick it up and put it down at will...although I must admit I am not so quick to put it down, as I am always ready for the next stage, and wanting to see how it will turn out. 

I've  purchased some Pigma Micron coloured pens which I am anxious to try out, but I don't think you will see anything posted here until after the New Year now!

Hope YOU have a very happy Christmas, however you celebrate.  
At my house, Jesus, the Saviour, is the reason for our celebrations!


  1. This is beautiful. Still trying to process the horrible shooting in Connecticut today.

  2. That is fascinating, how long did it take and what constitutes a mistake? It is not quite symmetrical but if you wanted perfection, use a computer drawing package and it would turn out exact and soulless. As it is, it has character and reflects the effort put into it.

    1. It took me about three weeks overall...with I guess about 5 hours of work on it. As I said, I tend to pick it up and put it down....just whenever I am in (or not in) the mood. The mistake happened at the 10 o-clock position in the circle. I was alternating the 'cones'....a long one, then a shorter one, all around the circle, only to come full circle with no more room for a long one. So there are two short ones together. Most people wouldn't notice and it really doesn't bother me...I love the fact that I don't use a ruler or compass, but just do it all freehand. This is actually a round, blank, greeting card, which works well for this kind of art. Thanks for your thoughts, snafu!