Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farewell to Cuba (amended)

Well, getting ready for another trip now, going east rather than south, so I will just post some general photos of Cuban scenery, for a finale. You will note that I am a bit addicted to cloud formations!

Our daily view

Aah, life in Cuba -- not a care in the world!

Storm brewing...

...early next morning a red flag is posted - dangerous waters!
Life's decisions - should we or shouldn't we?  Those waves look very large!

DOTH opted for calmer waters!

Sunset, on our final evening
And sunrise the next morning as we waited for the coach to take us to the airport

And finally, some shots of the beauty to be found on the hotel grounds

So...farewell to Cuba...leaving with some lovely memories!



This photo is for snafu. It is a photo of the 'hoppa bus' that we took to tour Varadero. You pay one price - I think it was five pesos (about $5), catch it at close proximity to the hotel and then get on and off at will, stopping off to see the sights, souvenir shop, have lunch etc, and then be dropped off back near the hotel:


  1. What glorious scenery. I once knew someone who sold Cuba some old ex London Transport Routemaster busses. Didn't see any there by any chance?
    That was a long time ago, so they may have gone to the big bus route in the sky by now.

  2. Thanks for reminding me, snafu - I meant to post the photo just for you. See the very end of my post. I wonder if this is one of those buses?

  3. Great photos, Kay, design, composition and subjects. Very pleasing assortment. (Except -- though I love the photo of dawn breaking the hour is not for me, as you well know :)Imagine Snafu remembering about those buses!
    Bon voyage. Blessings and prayers.

  4. More lovely photographs. As I gather that you are travelling again, travel safe and have many blessings. x

  5. Thanks Elizabeth - I am on your side of the pond now, and very much enjoying my time here!