Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Seems I just can't find the time to write a decent post these, days - so I have opted for another scintillating..

"What Is It?"

First the clue -- this item immediately reminded me of some words in a famous Bette Midler song; the words actually, partially, describe what this item is used for:

Sorry, it's a little out of focus, but I think you'll get the picture quite clearly.

Now is the time for all you lurkers to come out of hiding and take a guess!

The answer will come in a few days.


  1. Sorry, but I'm absolutely no good at this. I keep thinking. Did you catch that I spelled Snowdon wrong on my blog. Shame on me!

  2. I got it! I got it! It is not a prosthetic limb for an octopus or a wheel clamp or a set of hair rollers or a modern bicycle wheel or a food mixer control. All of which passed through my mind, well maybe not the octopus really.
    I use one of these things too but I won’t say what it is yet in order to give some of the Lurkers a chance. They are really handy for one of our shared interests.

  3. Oh, ChrisJ --you can do it! The clues from me and snafu will help you!

    Snafu -- you are right! It is a.....wheel clamp!

    Just kidding; we'll wait a while and see if anyone else will play this game of "I spy, with my little eye..."

  4. Oh dear, it looks so familiar, but...no, sorry. My first thought was a typewriter wheelie thingummy bob, but no, I think not! x

  5. Sorry Elizabeth, it's not a thingummy bob -- it is binoculars!

    ChrisJ and Snafu and I all use them for one of our favourite pursuits -- bird watching! The clue from the Bette Midler song is "..from a distance...God is watching us." Well, He's not really 'cause the Bible says He's closer to us than our very breath -- but I thought it was a great clue. I can see I will have to do better next time!

  6. NEVER would have guessed it, Kay.

  7. Gosh, its so familiar now that you've told us!
    Didn't know the Bette Midler connection 'though.x