Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome Signs of Spring

My favourite patch of garden in spring

Buds on the Mulberry tree

spring flowers

Yes, even happy to see the dandelions - but they won't be there for long!

And finally, the SOUNDS of spring

My beloved cardinal


  1. So spring has finally sprung! Lovely flowers. Your garden will be beautiful. But I was especially pleased to hear the cardinal as I don't think I've ever heard one before. Happy spring1

  2. Glad to see spring has got to your part of the world. Our Dafs have only just arrived here - very late. We don't have cardinals, but I once tried recording a nightingale in my garden and just as it was getting into full swing, a low flying jet fighter came over.

  3. We love the cardinals, ChrisJ - but they do have a habit of waking us up around 5:30 every morning!

    Snafu, DOTH and I just returned from a walk around the neighbourhood. I took my camera with me because the blossom trees and magnolias are all in bloom - but in every shot there has to be a van or a car or a fire hydrant or a bright orange pylon (for roadworks), or a garbage bin that someone hasn't taken in yet. Life is tough as a photographer in this day and age!

    Too bad the nightingale wasn't singing while the planes were grounded recently!

  4. For some reason my last comment didn't register, so I hope this will - I saw this reference to the cardinal and just knew that you would love it. x

  5. Thanks Elizabeth - that's a great referral - and a great blog! I have added it to My Favourites!