Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh, Those Beautiful Birds!

I love spring -- especially around our place! We are blessed to live near a long, wooded ravine, and it's a hive of activity at this time of the year. And because we are so close to it, the huge trees at the foot of our garden are frequently a stop-over for some beautiful birds.

Here are some recent sightings -- in trees and at our new bird-feeder:
Here is the female Cardinal enjoying the sunflower seeds

And the male Cardinal followed quickly after her, as he usually does!The Blue Jays don't stay around very long -- a little more nervous than the Cardinals. This one hovered over the bird feeder for a minute, but then I scared him away taking the photo.

I'm really excited about this sighting. It's a Northern Flicker; about 14 inches from head to tail. They came last year in pairs, but he was by himself this time, and sat in that position for over an hour. He's very identifiable by the black 'bib' under his neck, and the red stripe across the back of his neck.

When I tried to get closer with my camera he too flew away.

This, though, is by far the best sighting so far this spring:

He's a hawk! Oh, what a deadly beak he has! I believe, judging by his colour and that striped tail, that he's probably a Broad-winged Hawk. They are usually at least 18 inches tall, and can have a wing-span of over three feet: the 'whoosh' that he made as he flew away was incredible.

He, too, sat there for the longest time, and it was interesting that not once, during that hour or so, did we see a squirrel in the garden. They were no doubt huddled in their nests somewhere trembling with fear. There have been lots of baby squirrels around recently which no doubt attracted Mr Hawk's attention.

Finally, another great sighting:

As you can see, it's not my photo -- but it could have been. By the time I got my camera out, this Pileated Woodpecker was gone. But he looked just like that and in that same position. They are usually 18 or more inches tall -- a lovely sight!

Here we are, living in the middle of the city, (albeit in a quiet, wooded neighbourhood) yet we frequently get to enjoy these beautiful birds -- what a blessing!


  1. Wonderful spring over there! God`s blessing are seeing all over.

  2. Gorgeous hawk sighting! I haven't seen our hawk for a few weeks.