Friday, October 17, 2008

We interrupt this program....

I have been dreading winter. Last year's was one of the worst I've ever experienced, I think. But, before winter, comes fall. And I LOVE fall -- and this year's has been a particularly beautiful one. So I am interrupting my reminiscing to fill your eyes and your soul with some beautiful sights from around our neighbourhood and vicinity.

About 10 days ago, on a beautiful warm (for October) day, I walked up to the post office and brought my camera with me. The leaves were just beginning to turn and the scent of Autumn filled the air. Our neighbours were no doubt enjoying this pretty tree. Not anymore. They now have a beautiful carpet of leaves on their lawn and a big job ahead of them!
Not sure what this bush is, but just a few days before, it was green!
Outside the post office -- a sure sign that summer is over.
Home again, and in our back garden -- this beautiful Maple sapling. The colours in these photos are all natural -- nothing enhanced. I have never seen so many fall pinks and mauves before.
Then, last week, DOTH (Daughter Of The House) and I were feeling a little housebound. It's getting dark around 6:30pm now, so we had an early supper and headed out to the local park.
Look at these gorgeous colours!
A pretty little creek runs through the park:
And since there was still a little bit of day-light we went down to the lakeshore:
"Red sky at night; shepherd's (or sailor's) delight." Can you see the tiny sailboat in the distance?
Finally, what a beautiful day we had for Thanksgiving (October 13th in Canada)! The grandchildren and DOTH had a great time, up to their arms in pumpkin!

So, yes, winter's coming. But when we are overwhelmed with snow and whipping, ice-cold winds, I'll look back at these fall photos and remember -- it's only for a season. Spring is coming soon!

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  1. Wowee, you captured all the various and varied beauties of autumn!! That's what I miss in Israel. Love the hands in the pumpkins too. :)
    Just as well for your cousin. Staying away from the computer must give her time for her duties.