Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Guessing Game Continues

Well, since no-one has yet guessed the second of the two criteria necessary for a miniature to find its way into my collection, I will post a few more photos. This beautiful aqua-green, delicate jug, two inches tall, is another e-bay find. Difficult to tell, but I would say it's made of acrylic, and it's hand- painted with gold leaves, green and white flowers and flower sprays in red, blue and yellow.From the sublime -- a cup and saucer treasure from my mother; Coalport china, made in England, its pattern is called Indian Tree, it's one inch high, two inches in the ridiculous. Another e-bay 'find' but I wasn't so happy about this one. Actually it came in a set of three - a blue, green and pink one and I paid almost $20, including postage and handling - only to discover that they probably came from a dollar store -- made in China! Never mind, you wouldn't have known if I hadn't told you!

And finally -- a favourite: This little corn-cob teapot -- one and a half inches, with its lid on -- isn't it cute?

Now, I know you are going to say that all these miniatures can be used for a lovely cup of afternoon tea (British-style: tea-pot, mug, cup and saucer, and creamer!), and that's true, but that is not why they are in my collection.
Here are two more that really don't fit that criteria:
Two urns: the one above -- made in China, I'm sure, but very pretty. And the one below, another treasure from my mother -- a little piece of Limoges, from France, with a 'trysting' couple on the front.
So there you have it -- a good sampling of my collection -- none of the pieces are valuable, but all are very precious to me. And have you guessed why they are in my collection? As I said, it's very simple, and I only stick to that reason to keep me from spending too much money -- there are a lot of miniatures out there!

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